The galaxy is embroiled in Civil War. With the destruction of the Death Star The Rebel Alliance has dealt a blow to the Empire but this has not been without its consequences. Now without a base of operations the Rebel Fleet is desperately searching for a new home, all with the Empire close behind.

As the conflict expands the Outer Rim has so far remained unscathed. But now word is that a smuggler has found a lost becon containing information on a lost CIS ship, one that is rumored to be filled with treasures, plundered by Count Dooku and General Grevis himself. Salvagers, crime lords and bounty hunters have now begun to search for this lost ship as well as the smuggler who has discovered its whereabouts…

The individuals the smuggler has notified to set up an expedition to the ship have arrived in Tannis City to discover that he is missing.

The Lost Ship

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